Have you ever experienced a hardship that is seemingly invisible to others? On today’s episode of "Happiness Through Hardship" - The Podcast, author Francesca Grossman shares her experience with chronic pain and navigating the many layers of a disease that most don't understand.

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As discussed on this episode and in her book, Not Weakness: Navigating the Culture of Chronic Pain, Francesca has dealt with chronic pain ever since she was young. She talks about navigating the pain, aggravation and turmoil as well as includes valuable tips that apply universally. Francesca's journey is inspirational and teaches us all about having hope and finding connection even when life feels tough.


3:27 – Francesca shares her experience with chronic pain

8:58 – Common themes across chronic pain stories

13:34 – Tips for dealing with chronic pain

17:18 – How books can help through pain

19:53 – Where to begin when dealing with chronic pain

20:47 – Acceptance and redefining success

30:13 – Francesca’s tips for dealing with hardships


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