EP. 98: Healing, Connecting and the Power of Books

Did you know the benefits of reading are beyond educational? Today’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” - The Podcast, Gina Buonaguro, an international author and editor who has co-authored six novels, written multiple articles and won five writing grants is going to share the importance of bibliotherapy and connections through books. Earning her BA in English from Villanova University and her MA in English from the University of British Columbia while on a Fulbright Scholarship, Gina now lives in Toronto though grew up in New Jersey. Her most recent historical fiction novel, and first solo novel, "The Virgins of Venice," was released in December 2022. Gina's knowledge of women’s history and writing is evident and she’s here to discuss how books can be healing.

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2:00 - Gina talks about what sparked her love for writing

4:20 - Gina and Caryn discuss accountability and the value of feedback

9:33 - Bibliotherapy and healing through reading

13:36 - Gina and Caryn discuss the parallel between television and novels

14:38 - Connecting hardship to fictional characters and the wisdom they provide

21:35 - Incorporating books into parenting

22:46 - Flash fiction

31:54 - Tips from Gina on making time for reading

34:34 - The Grateful Game


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