Caryn inspires busy people to find better health and happiness.

    Work-Life Integration - Creating an Intentional Life

    Caryn encourages audiences to think about how to take small steps toward health, happiness and a more balanced, intentional life. Her inspirational approach is simple and relatable, sharing strategies for time management, prioritizing and integrating healthy lifestyle efforts. In a light and energizing way, her ideas will motivate people to make positive changes that can help them balance and thrive in their lives personally, professionally and/or academically.

    The Road to Resilience - Choosing Positivity & Purpose

    Caryn inspires people to embrace positivity and find resiliency during hard times. First diagnosed with cancer when she was a newlywed, Caryn was determined that it wouldn’t make her life horrible. She shares her stories and best practices for individuals to take care of themselves, become resilient and uncover joy along the way, even when life is tough. Instilling positivity in the workplace and home is linked to tremendous health and quality of life benefits as well as increased success and thought-leadership.

    Customized Presentations, Panels, Workshops & Webinars

    Caryn's SMALL steps formula can be adapted to fit the the goals and needs of your business or group activity. Some examples shown below:

    • Finding Happiness Through Hardship
    • How to Be a Patient Advocate for Patients & Caregivers
    • Skill-based Seminars - on Publicity, Public Speaking & Purpose-driven work

    Caryn in action - a few speaking engagements and media highlights.

    Corporate Speaking Engagements Highlights & Media

    For more information see below or contact Caryn@CarynSullivan.com


    Best Buy

    “Caryn delivered important information to a rapt audience. She educated our headquarter employees and guided them on how to make positive, meaningful and attainable changes in their lives to improve their overall wellbeing. We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our employees and plan to invite her back again.


    Caryn is an incredibly engaging speaker. Her knowledge around healthy living is invaluable for any busy professional dealing with the stress of juggling career and personal life. She delivers complex information in an easy to understand way and her authentic style made it simple for our group to quickly connect with and learn from her.”

    Caribou Coffee

    “Caryn is one of those rare talents who can draw an audience in quickly with her contagious personality and capture their attention throughout with her vivid storytelling and personal experiences. Caryn leaves the room feeling powered, positive and motivated to make changes in their own life.

    Fairfield University

    “At her core, Caryn Sullivan is an emblem of rejuvenation! Her enthusiasm, creativity and spirit inspire. She’s a storyteller, a motivator, and a natural leader. She sets out to empower and inspire her audiences.”


    Caryn does such a great job engaging the audience. We were so pleased with her presenting to our executive team."

    Relay for Life

    "Hope, strength, and inspiration are what I felt when Caryn spoke. I instantly felt connected to her. The entire audience felt her energy and spirit and we all left with a new positive outlook."

    Octagon Sports

    "Caryn is incredible at tailoring a presentation to her audience, and making it engaging, uplifting, and impactful. In a world with a lot of noise she is able to cut through and reach her audiences hearts, inspiring change."

    Connecticut Business Women's Forum

    "There is a unique purity and intensity to Caryn's motivational message. In telling of her path to wellness, paved through the challenges of not one, but two, cancer diagnoses, Caryn provides inspiration that meets the listener wherever they may be on their wellness journey...If you're looking for a smart, savvy, engaging, empowering, and thoroughly enjoyable presenter, I strongly encourage you to hire Caryn. In a word, she is Amazing! "



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