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    Cancer Resource & Uplifting Book

    Happiness Through Hardship - is a heartfelt and thoughtful resource for anyone touched by cancer. Whether you're the patient needing quick tips or a friend wanting to send a thoughtful gift, this guide and journal is filled with pages of inspiration, stories and suggestions from a cancer survivor on how to navigate the first year after diagnosis. It also contains beautiful notetaking and journal pages.

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    Donate a Book

    We have partnered with several cancer organizations to send donated books (of Happiness Through Hardship) to cancer patients and their families since the book’s release in 2019.


    A HUGE thanks to all who have donated! Through your generosity, we’ve been able to help cancer patients at Norma Pfriem Breast Center Center, Yale New Haven Health hospitals, Norwalk Hospital, Gilda’s Club, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Valley Health System and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. In addition to providing this cancer guide and journal resource, for every book sold, half the net proceeds are given to metastatic breast cancer research through The Cancer Couch Foundation.


    You can make individual donations via the link below or by sending a VenMO ($15 per book) to @caryn-sullivan-3. 



    "I love this book because it is a roadmap and navigation tool for family, friends, caregivers, patients, and loved ones during hardship and uncertainty. This book is about cancer but I believe it can be applied to all types of sicknesses, diseases, heartache, depression, death, or what someone defines as hardship in their life. Finding happiness through hardship is vital to our overall wellness and keeps us moving in a positive direction and Caryn helps us find this through her smart, funny, and witty sense of humor coupled with her tips and tricks throughout the book. Happiness Through Hardship gives us the tools to dig deep within ourselves and allow us to let in the happiness that is all around us."


    "This book is the “must have” guide on how to process, accept and address an initial diagnosis for survivors and their caregivers. Caryn uses her bravery, strength and beauty to share her journey to help others. What do I do? Should I get a second opinion? How do I tell my family? How do I balance my life/work/friends? All of the things that you worry about when you get diagnosed with an illness. Self care tips, and suggestions for caregivers. It is a priceless guide presented with compassion. I am buying one for very friend I know going through this."


    "I like that Caryn was thoughtful in her approach to all pieces of the book - keeping her writing to the most important so it's easy to digest when mind + emotional clutter are high after a diagnosis, having a journal on the ready to just get things out when you need to, and having a place to take notes during your doctors visit knowing that volume of information you'd be taking in. It was clear that Caryn had designed this having been on the cancer journey herself - more than once. This book is a gem."


    "The. Impact. Of. This. Book. No matter the outcome, this book is a gift. I lost someone close to metastatic breast cancer last week. Throughout her two year battle, I used your book as a playbook for her support. From the tips for thoughtful gestures to the insight into her emotional needs, I was able to rally support from our community and deepen our friendship in a way that enriched me too. At the wake, her husband told me that she left the world feeling loved for the kindness I had shown. He said it brought him comfort knowing she had found that peace. This book is a gift— to It fuels friendships, soothes survivors, and lightens loss."


    "This book is a Godsend to anyone who has cancer or is helping someone who is going through cancer. A step by step approach allows navigation through the decision making process and direction which is all done with a gentle touch and bit of humor. Most importantly it exudes hope and confidence and through hardship and struggle you can find Happiness again. This is the most helpful, beneficial and amazing book you will find on the market to help you and your family. Five stars is not enough for this brilliant book!"


    "What a great read! Caryn has an amazing way of telling her story, providing guidance like an old friend, and giving readers a platform to learn from her experiences. This is a great book for anyone dealing with cancer or for family members/friends trying to navigate a new diagnosis."