Ep. 100 - Follow Your Aspirations at Any Age

As we age, our dreams often fall by the waste side but not for novelist, entrepreneur and co-host of “The Rhode Show”, Audrey McClelland. Audrey joins me on this week’s episode of “Happiness Through Hardship” - The Podcast and shares her insight on her journey from corporate exec, to entrepreneur, to multi-platform content creator, to writer and more. She has been featured on many national media outlets, has won several awards, and is considered one of the most influential moms in the digital world. In this episode, Audrey shares her professional knowledge while advising listeners on how to share their voices and never give up on their goals and aspirations.

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I'm so proud to have Audrey on for our 100th episode sharing her story and her messages about how we can all follow (and reach) our dreams at any age. Look at me - always dreamed of living out my childhood dream (local morning show journalist) and have now interviewed over 100 people talking health and happiness.



3:22 - How Audrey started writing

9:55 - Advice on connecting with others

14:20 - Tips for people following the digital space

19:00 - Where Audrey’s TikTok passion came from

26:43 - Insight on changing direction in life

30:30 - Audrey discusses her book and TV show

39:06 - The Grateful Game


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Hometown Boy https://amzn.to/3OKojQT and At Last https://amzn.to/3EcliDX and many more


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