Ep. 93. Non-Conventional Thoughts on the Misery and Might of Cancer

When a friend is “touched by cancer” - do you often worry about what to say, do or even think? This week’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” - The Podcast, Reshma Gopaldas, engages in a non-conventional conversation about hardship.

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Personally and professionally, Reshma is a superstar. You’ve probably come across her work while watching The Daily Show, CNN and Good Morning America to name a few. She’s a journalist, screenplay writer, VP of Video at SHE Media and the host of the “Son of a Binge” podcast. On today’s episode of “Happiness through Hardship" — The Podcast, Reshma will discuss her cancer story and the culture of strength, as well as how to find your place balancing the misery and mighty world of hard times.


02:30 – How Reshma has been touched by cancer

07:33 – Reshma’s experience with sharing her cancer news with others

12:45 - Mourning with care, people talking to her and advice that was given

19:30 - Google is not your doctor, let friends help

25:09 - Healthy distractions

30:38 – Keep your energy in a good place

32:50 – Let people help you & tips for friends of people with cancer

35:35 – Finding happiness and joy throughout the cancer journey

41:30 - The Grateful Game


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