Ep. 94 Finding Creativity & Your 2nd Right Answer

Whether you’re living through hard times or dealing with stressors of the day-to-day, creativity helps heal and bring about happiness. This week’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship,” - The Podcast, Dr. Jim Friedman, shares many ways and benefits to incorporate creativity into your life.

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Having won 65 Emmy awards and serving as the Chief Steward for World Creativity & Innovation Week and the United Nations International Day of Recognition - World Creativity & innovation Day, Jim is nothing short of a talented creator, innovator, and professor. Tune in to hear all about Jim’s expert advice on how and why to add creativity to your life.


3:48 - How our inner voice kills creativity

7:21 - Fear and creativity

11:10 - Key to creativity

13:10 - Jim shares how creativity has impacted his life

17:42 - First answer and second right answer

20:32 - Creative mindset

23:58 - The four levels of creativity

31:57 - World Innovation and Creativity Week and Day

37:01 - The Grateful Game

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