Ep. 92. A Spotlight on Wellness - Scoop from a Hollywood TV Host & Health Expert - Samantha Harris

Need healthy lifestyle motivation? Samantha Harris is your go-to for all things fitness, food and the fundamentals of well-being and on this episode of “Happiness through Hardship” - The Podcast, she provides tons of info to inspire you.

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Samantha’s an Emmy-award winner best-known for eight seasons as the host of Dancing with the Stars as well as her many years anchoring entertainment’s highest rated news shows. She’s a fixture in show business, working major Hollywood award shows, starring as the lead in the musical Chicago on Broadway and currently as the host of the wordplay game show, Tug of Words.

Samantha is also a megastar in the wellness world. She’s the author of the best selling book, Your Healthiest Healthy, a certified health coach/trainer and runs a booming wellness community with retreats, courses and more. While she has been active since childhood, she expanded her passion for fitness to embrace overall wellness after her breast cancer diagnosis. I am honored that Samantha is back on the podcast again - sharing her wisdom on how we can all make small adjustments in our day-to-day lives to live healthier.


3:52 - How fitness evolved for Samantha

7:40 - Why being active is important for healthy living

8:58 - Foods Samantha eats and recommends

12:27 - Immunity and microbiome information

16:40 - Finding tools to feel better

17:40 - Foods switches and alternatives

20:13 - Buzz through topics

31:22 - Caryn and Samantha play The Grateful Game


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Ready Set Wellness Bundle - https://bit.ly/3Nqy8Tq

YOUTH Advanced Anti-aging products - https://bit.ly/3r2mqqF

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