Looking to improve your well-being? Yoga may be the answer. On today’s episode of Happiness Through Hardship - The Podcast, experienced business exec., college athlete and yoga instructor Derek Vanderwarker shares his extensive knowledge of yoga and its many benefits. As the creator and host of the Guys Talking Yoga podcast, Derek interviews athletes, experts, military, teachers and more about the impact that yoga can make on lives specifically the lives of guys. Whether you practice regularly or don't believe you have the patience to sit still through a class, Derek will enlighten you on how to get hooked on this healthy practice at any age and stage in life.

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4:37 – Derek’s journey from yoga participant to yoga instructor

8:02 – Limitations in life and in yoga

9:59 – Getting to know your body

16:17 - Breathing as a tool

18:04 – Learning life lessons in yoga

21:12 – Breathing techniques

23:04 – Benefits of an overall yoga ractice

25:12 – Resistance and limitations

27:50 – Benefits of silence and finding space

33:03 – Why Derek focuses on the niche of men

37:47 – Yoga tips for men

37:46 – Tips for women to tell their guy friends

40:45 – The Grateful Game


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