Ep. 104 Balancing Brain and Body for Good Health

Looking for more balance in your life? It may all start with your brain. This week’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” - The Podcast shares the importance of the brain and body connection. Caroline Mazza is the founder of SMT Treatment, a licensed physical therapist with a focus in functional neurology, pediatric special needs and holistic well-being to name a few. She looks to find the root causes of issues that influence a person’s physical and emotional well-being. Caroline has expanded her expertise over the past decade to include working with kids and adults who may have learning differences, anxiety, sleep issues and sports related injuries.This is a must-listen episode as it’s filled with tons of insight on how we can all feel healthier and better balanced.

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3:48 - Caroline’s holistic journey

6:42 - Caroline’s philosophy and beliefs

14:38 - Balancing the left and right brain

16:45 - Modalities Caroline uses

21:30 - Insight on brain tap meditation

22:32 - Biofeedback defined

26:32 - Tips on feeling better and balanced

31:20 - Collaboration between medical doctors and functional doctors

33:09 - The Grateful Game


Learn more about modalities mentioned in the interview interview (lasers, vibration therapy, Neurosage software, motion guidance systems, primitive reflex testing and brain tap meditation therapy) as well as brain wave scans and Spelling to Communicate (S2C™) methods: https://www.carolinemazza.org/services-4

Helping non speaking individuals begin to communicate: https://www.instagram.com/p/CuVQddvshdb/


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