Ep. 103 Navigating Change and Well-Being

Change is one of the few constants in life, whether it’s the seasons or society, technology or home environment. Learning how to deal with change is important yet can be complicated. This week’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” - The Podcast, Christine Job, is a business strategist, an entrepreneur and a media personality who knows a thing or two about change. After taking a turn in her career, the once law student broke out of her comfort zone and moved overseas. In this episode, Christine shares her thoughts on change and how finding joy in the process is equally as important as the destination.

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2:00 - Christine’s story

25:10 - Practices she dove into to enjoy the journey

29:51 - Christine’s throughs on wellness and healthy living

36:36 - Realizing everyone is in different phases of their lives

39:50 - Benefits of being present and leaning towards the space of discomfort

42:55 - The Grateful Game


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