Whether you’re touched by cancer or know someone who is, people often question “How Can They Help?” When going through a hard time it’s important to take care of yourself and let others do the same. Though for some, helping others is healing. This week’s guest on Happiness through Hardship - The Podcast, Infinite Strength founder, Roberta Lombardi, shares how she started her foundation and discusses other charitable avenues to give back whether you’re healing or just want to help.

After her own breast cancer diagnosis in 2016, Roberta Lombardi was determined to assist others who didn’t have access to the resources she did. She wanted to help other women find hope and motivation especially for those whose obstacles go way beyond treatment. Through her non-profit Infinite Strength, she offers financial and emotional assistance to single mothers with metastatic breast cancer.

Many people are motivated after a diagnosis to give back. This episode shares meaningful ways to do that. Don’t miss out - Roberta is a kind soul with a huge heart and tons of intel to share.

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2:38 - Why Roberta started her nonprofit - Infinite Strength

6:30 - Showcasing Infinite Strength - a 501©3 charity

13:45 - Tips on starting a nonprofit

20:15 - Forming the right circles and utilizing resources available

23:37 - Creating a fund rather than a full 501©3 charity

24:30 - Ways to give back without starting a nonprofit

29:40 - Dance to Donate - MOMbies

34:22 - The Grateful Game


Donate to Infinite Strength - https://www.infinitestrength.org/donate


Best Friends Fund - Giving back as a fund, rather than a non-profit (23:37) : http://www.breastfriendsfund.org/

Small fundraisers funnel into larger organizations - Kara Rizzardi (25:03)

MOMbies - Dance to Donate: https://www.mombies.org/


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