Ep. 90 - Navigating Adult Friendships with Nina Badzin

She's heard it all. This week’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” is author, writer and friendship columnist, Nina Badzin, who has tackled hundreds of questions about friendship at every age and every stage. She’s here to share her wisdom on friendship especially for those going through hard times. You will love her energy and the passion she brings toward a topic that is relevant to all.


2:30 - Nina shares how she began to write about friendship

6:37 - The impact of writing versus podcasts

7:41 - Tough questions Nina has discussed

12:10 - Letting go of the mama bear instinct

13:18 - Staying friends beyond your kids

16:11 - Ways to connect with others without spending lots of money

19:31 - Changes in Nina since her friendship journey began

22:28 - Figuring out your support system and who to keep in your life

27:19 - Giving friends second chances

31:06 - Insight on making plans and always reaching out first

35:40 - Caryn and Nina play The Grateful Game

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